Information for the authors of posters and oral presentations

Oral presentations

Electronic slides should be organized in a Microsoft Power Point presentation.


The symposium organizer will supply the required audio-visual equipment, such that personal laptops are not needed. The time allotted for an oral presentation will be 10 minutes for the presentation, with an additional 5 minutes available for discussion.


Your complete presentation must be sent to BEFORE the 3rd of September 2017.


The final programme including the oral presentations time schedule will be published soon in the web page.


Poster presentations

Abstracts accepted for poster presentations must be displayed in the poster area of the conference centre. Poster walls will be numbered and pins provided by the organizer.


Poster should be displayed by the author before the beginning of the meeting on Friday morning and should be removed after the closure of the meeting on Saturday afternoon. All posters will be displayed for the both two days of the congress!


Poster sessions will be both lunch breaks on Friday and Saturday and authors are expected to attend their posters to answer questions of delegates. Poster size must fit to 125cm height and 90cm width.


In addition to a poster presentation, 15 authors have been invited to also present their work as a flash poster presentation. It will take place on Friday 15.00-16.00 and the exact time schedule will be announced later. The flash poster presentation consists of a Power-Point presentation to advertise the poster with a maximum duration of 3 MINUTES. The audience can ask ONE QUESTION and you have A MAXIMUM OF 1 MINUTE to answer. Each presenter therefore has only 4 minutes in total. You should restrict the presentation to 3-4 slides (maximum). The main discussion should be held at the poster session where the poster will be on display. The main objectives of the presentation are thus to generate curiosity, to focus the attention of the audience to the main finding and attract attention, rather than summarizing months or years of work!


We will be very strict with timekeeping and do not hesitate to cut you off if you run overtime! Your complete flash-poster-presentation must be sent to BEFORE the 3rd of September 2017!


In case of any further questions, do not hesitate to ask: