28th Annual Symposium of ESVN and ECVN

Amsterdam 2015

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Amsterdam 2015


Dear colleagues and friends,


It is a great pleasure to welcome you all to the 28th ESVN-ECVN congress. Theme of this year is the challenging subject of Movement Disorders. As veterinary neurologists we all struggle, like (so I am told) our human counterparts, with the broad clinical presentation in paroxysmal disorders, tremors, and epilepsy. I am convinced that despite the invention of the smart phone, which has made our life much easier, we all see at least once a week a case that’s not that straightforward. Not only do they offer an intellectual challenge to us they are excellent examples of the need to constantly strive for the best of ourselves.


We have invited an excellent group of world leading experts, MD’s and DVM’s, actively working in the field of epilepsy and movement disorders to shed their ‘State of the Art’ views on movement disorders (and epilepsy). We will discuss movement disorders in humans and how, if possible at all, to differentiate from epilepsy. We will have insights on the disorders we are facing in our animals and discuss how we could diagnose and treat them. And to test ourselves three of the invited speakers will guide us, during a 1.5 hours ‘smart phone film lecture’ through the foggy broad presentations owners can send us. If we succeed we can submit it for publication with the first veterinary publication mentioning all delegates as contributors. It would not be Amsterdam if we would not have somebody present to tell you something about the artificially induced movement disorders you can see (and experience) in the city centre.


The venue is the prestigious Royal Tropical Institute created in 1926. We will meet each other, in a lecture hall where once the greatest scientists of their time, presented their global explorations. And although the building is old, the lecture room is truly ‘State of the Art’.


We will offer you all a warm welcome on Thursday the 17th in the Amsterdam Zoo ‘Artis’. Just for us the zoo will be open as of 19hrs where drinks, canapés and a guided tour will be offered to you on behalf of the congress committee, the ESVN and ECVN and our platinum sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim. In Hotel Krasnapolsky a seated dinner will be served. Please make sure that you have eaten well because a 20-man strong band will play as of 22 hours the best live music nobody can resist.


I can only say register early and come either a few days before or extend your stay with a few days. Enjoy the congress, visit our best musea Amsterdam offers, and experience in the mean time the typical Dutch Amsterdam renaissance. A city unique in every way.


The Mayor and Elderman of the City of Amsterdam offers all participants a free ticket for a one hour cruise through Amsterdam’s historic canals.


Be welcome!


Paul Mandigers Chairman of the 28th ESVN-ECVN congress