26th Annual Symposium of ESVN and ECVN

Paris 2013

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paris 2013 symposium manifest


Local Organising Committee
Laurent Cauzinille Centre Hospitalier Vétérinaire Fregis, Arcueil
Laurent Garosi Davies Veterinary Specialists, United Kingdom
Kirsten Gnirs Clinique Advetia, Paris
Nicolas Granger The School of Veterinary Sciences, Bristol University, United Kingdom
Sébastien Behr Willows Referral Service, United Kingdom


European Society of Veterinary Neurology
European College of Veterinary Neurology
Laurent Garosi President
Holger Volk Vice-President
Thomas Flegel Secretary
Veronika Stein Treasurer
Jacques Penderis Past-President
Sonia Añor Chairperson of the Examination Committee
Sam Long Chairperson of the Education Committee
Arianna Maiolini ESVN Representative


The Congress will take place at the Salons de L’Aveyron in Paris.


The venue is located in Paris city centre within «Bercy Village» which is a new and uncommon site to visit in Paris.


Paris Bercy Village is a unique born and reborn place in Paris with a strong historical past that has conserved it's soul mixing memory and authenticity. From a neolithic village 6500 year old to now, Bercy was in the XVII and XVII centuries a place to be for enjoyment: guinguette and caterer were presents all along the Seine.


In 1880, it becomes the largest world cellar for the near Paris with its warehouses and cave celliers.


Today, from the will to respect the past is born a new site where parisians « bo-bo » like to walk, eat, drink and enjoy life…


Salons de l’Aveyron

17 rue de l’Aubrac

75012 Paris


How to get the venue