25th Annual Symposium of ESVN and ECVN

Ghent 2012

Ghent manifest


Local Organising Committee
Luc Van Ham Ghent University
Luc Poncelet Université libre de Bruxelles
Sofie Bhatti Ghent University
Iris Van Soens Ghent University
Valentine Martlé Ghent University
Ine Cornelis Ghent University
Daniela Mauler Ghent University


European Society of Veterinary Neurology
European College of Veterinary Neurology
Jacques Penderis President
Laurent Garosi Vice-President
Holger Volk Secretary
Veronika Stein Treasurer
Gualtiero Gandini Past-President
Luisa De Risio Chairperson of the Examination Committee
Alejandro Luján Chairperson of the Education Committee
Steven de Decker ESVN Representative


SAVAB Flanders vzw
Small Animal Veterinary Association Belgium
Ann Criel Member of the SAVAB Board


Congress venue:

Voldersstraat 9
9000 Gent


“Aula”- Ghent University

The Congress will take place at the Assembly Hall of Ghent University (AULA).


Assembly HallThe venue is located in the Volderstraat, which is very easy to reach either by car or by public transport.


The ‘Aula’ of the University of Ghent was built in neo-classical style by Louis Roelandt (1786 -1864), architect of the city of Ghent. It was finished in 1826. Free and decorative interpretation of classical style, inspired by the architecture of ancient temples.


Remarkable are the monumental front with huge colonnade and triangular pediment, the peristyle modelled on the ancient thermae, the stately stairway in black marble, and the amphitheatre with a dome supported by 18 Corinthian columns.


Coffee break and reception will take place in between the exhibition at the Peristilium.

Itinerary “Aula”

  • Public transportation
    From Gent Sint-Pieters railway station: take tram 1, 10, 11 or 12 (direction Korenmarkt) and get off at the 'Kouter- Korte Meer', second street right. The Aula lies on your right.
  • By car
    Entering Gent from the E40 or the E17, follow the parking route to P5-P6. Which are only 150mt away from the “Aula”.