Event, 22/03/2017

iCOMOS 2nd International Canine and Human Epilepsy

The 2nd International Canine and Human Epilepsy Workshop (iCHEW)  which will be Aug 23 afternoon and Aug 24 morning in Minneapolis MN, USA. 

Registration will open soon!! 

This workshop immediately follows the International Conference for Technology and AnaLysis of Seizures, 2017  at the same location, and ICHEW information is indicated at the bottom of the following webpage.

Day 1: Wednesday, August 23 - EEG and Seizure Prediction
  • EEG similarities in Dogs and People
    Fiona James D.V.M.,  Guelph, TBA
  • Seizure prediction in long term ambulatory recordings
    Greg Worrell M.D. Mayo Clinic
Day 2: Thursday, August 24 - Novel Therapies for Treatment of Epilepsy in Humans and Dogs
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Diet
  • Wellness
    Rowena Packer PhD, Royal Veterinary College
  • Novel Antiepileptic Drugs in the Pipeline