Credentials submission checklist

  1. Updated Candidate's Curriculum Vitae Form. (Annex 1)
  2. Education Programme Form (Credentials submission) signed by the Residency Programme Supervisor. (Annex 4)
  3. Evaluation by the Residency Programme Supervisor of the level of training and knowledge reached by the Resident.
  4. Completed Case log form. (Annex 5)
  5. Letter of evidence of rotation in Large Animal Neurology when required. (Annex 6)
  6. Original signed letter(s) for each of the discipline of
    • a) Internal Medicine,
    • b) Diagnostic Imaging,
    • c) Anaesthesia and/or Critical Care,
    • d) Pathology and
    • e) Ophthalmology. (Annex 6)
  7. Evidence of completation of the required training in the basic sciences (Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology, Clinical Pathology and Neuropharmacology) as detailed in the Residency Guidelines.
  8. Evidence of publication or full acceptance of publication of two first author publications pertaining to veterinary neurology. For publications in press, the credentials file should include a copy of the final accepted manuscript and figures.
  9. Evidence of payment of the credentials file submission fee.
  10. Evidence of membership of ESVN for the full duration of the Residency Training Programme.
  11. Contact email and address for the Resident, preferably the Resident's normal place of work.