Liaison Committee

To support residents in training and examination candidates, the ECVN realized the need to establish a committee dedicated to represent their specific interests. Following a proposal by Prof. Mike Targett and discussion at the ECVN AGM meeting in October 2020, an ECVN Liaison Committee for ECVN residents in training and examination candidates has been established.


Members of the ECVN Liaison Committee:

  • Prof. Mike Targett (Chair)
  • Kali Lazzerini (<3yrs ECVN diplomate)
  • Fenella Schmidli (ESVN representative)



The ECVN Liaison Committee is a route by which legitimate concerns can be raised by residents in training or exam candidates to an independent committee of the ECVN in confidence.


The committee can anonymously delegate concerns for consideration by the college. The remit of the committee is not to directly resolve issues but to act in a mediation role to ensure that any legitimate concerns raised are addressed at the appropriate level within the college without any comeback on residents in training.